Twisted, like bottle caps / that was me when I fiended for lots of cash / and on top of that / I was finding my significance in all of that / modern trash / I was after / I wanted to be satisfied faster / by that wack stuff / so I used people / I was too evil / I was loving my sin 'til He scooped me up / and I / I'm new now / He took my curse like a rude mouth / got rid of it the minute that he said that it was finished and he resurrected me, I'm on a new route / He intervened and showed me the Son / I'm beholding the Son / without clouds / listen up for my next mixtape / man it's insane / I've already started the countdown / so even though my burdens are heavier it doesn't mean that I'm taking a break / I'm aiming to make a tape even if only a dozen get saved by his grace through it all / I'm making sure that my life - no it ain't wasted / staying on top of my grind like a skater / when I be spitting I speak of the Savior / 'cause scarlet is white from His discoloration