Let the Truth Loose


The world telling me to hide my faith / trying to say the worldview I'm living is ridiculous / it's missing intelligence, isn't it? / that's what they told me / saying that it's missing reason, but really the only / reason they can use their reason is because they know the holy / God is real / homie, check with Romans 1 / you know he's real, homie / so I'mma stand up for what I believe in / the only way to get to heaven is through faith in Jesus / and marriage is between a man and woman--even then / it isn't marriage if it isn't about Jesus, man / I'm serious / I'm not gonna just stand idle / if anything, I want to be ridiculed because I believe in the Bible / oh I know / they wouldn't care / if they couldn't hear / if I couldn't share / but I have to / they don't feel me? They can kill me; I could die for my master / and this nation really isn't far from it / our women already slaughter the innocent and often it's / like believers like to stay quiet / they love it when I preach the Gospel what about when I apply it? / like—what I do, dude? / this is to you / stand firm, speak up, let the truth loose