I Pray


Father, I pray for the masses and everyone who hears this / souls that I've never met; souls that are dearest / to me / they would see / and believe / Lord, please / even people who I lead to think you're evil / I'm weak, Lord / show them the broad way will murder them / and they will never be able to say, "God, I never heard of this!" / they knew; they know, and I pray you'd make it change them / and save them / until they're in the grave, Father chase them / I pray for my brother who has fallen away / forgotten your grace / like, how could this happen? / can't grasp it / it's even really hard to pray this prayer and share despair / nowhere / is there reason to believe he's coming back / it's scary / I'm hearing these stories / Lord, please / my plea is you'd restore him before he's no more, please / I know I played my part in pushing him away, but God, I know that you can make miracles happen, you did it to me / I pray you would comfort Kevin's family / he was only 23, but it was in your plan that he had to leave / it seems the devil was victorious / but in this, I pray you'd make yourself even more glorious / and I pray that you would open up our eyes to see / we're gonna face the same fate at our time to leave / so lead us to repentance unto life, God / so that when our life stops / we're seen as righteous / I pray, God, I pray that your name would be hallowed / not only here, but every place in the entire globe / I pray your will be done as it is in heaven / and I pray you would forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors / and don't lead us to temptation but deliver us / from the evil one / for yours is the kingdom / the power, the glory, forever and ever / the power, the glory forever, amen