Not Gon' Slow Up


I'm back in / ain't backing down / just backing / hip hop 'cause all it's got is all these talking and no walking scoffers / I'll be gone / the day that they stop talking 'bout they dollars / finally talking 'bout the truth / and keeping in mind these suffering youth / and that's never / so I guess my endeavor won't end ever / evidently 'cause every single one of these rappers after wack stuff maranatha / come quick / I long for the day that I'll finally see God / I long to leave and be gone / but it's not about me / I gotta feed y'all / I don't think I'm holier I just know Christ is holiest / and on my chest / is where your solace is / 'cause honestly / you not in wisdom / and I ain't perfect but I trust in the one who's perfect / but yo, for real, they need someone to trap they mouths (mouse) like vermin / I'm serious / I can't count how many crushed by their loneliness / and these rappers rub it in they face like how they holding chicks / knowing this / how can I not speak out / putting my feet down / Imma get up on the microphone and keep on taking hits like Rocky Balboa / I'm not gon' slow up / WHAT