Call Me Kaptivated


Check this innocence / hidden in the Christ / life righteous living it like / on my own, I had lived the perfect life of Christ / when he died the death i should've rightly died / and he lived the life that I could never live / now Christ is my rest - something like a sedative / thank God that I heard the good news / praise God that my old self died - call it good noose / I said I'm living for the glory of the King / man there ain't no other aim / I was saved / when I gazed up / upon my dying Savior / how he raised up / now he's reigning (raining) like precipitation / praise Him / you can say I'm changed up / cause he gave me sense now / took my sins down / while a Gentile / now I'm his child / I've been healed by his lacerations / now I proclaim it, call me Kaptivated, yeah