A Second Thought


Look, I gotta speak my mind / 'cause the things in my mind - I can't keep 'em quiet / I'm giving this music a second thought / 'cause the work's taking many more seconds than I thought / even though I grind / my rhymes ain't climbing / spending all my time writing lines when / I don't even feel them, but I try / keep hitting the ceiling, but the sky's / what I'm reaching for / what I'm grinding towards / said, "The craft's gotta kill," so I'm trying more / yeah I'm putting in work, but I've heard things / 'bout the industry, it ain't how it sure seems / I don't wanna believe them, but I know they're true, and / I'm wondering if I really wanna go in to it / I'm only a newbie / hoping to do great / but I can't touch 'Crae - like a wall of new paint / plus with all that I'm aiming to be / what if all the fame starts getting to me? / and man, what if I'm dope but I'm so fake / killer punch lines but I'm cold and don't pray / no faith inside of me / I'm no great anomaly / only going in for the sake of rocking beats / I don't want to be that soul / pretty outside but inside I'm cold / so Father please, I'm on my knees and pleading / this passion that you gave me - ain't it in me for a reason? / I'm trying to preach your Word, but I don't even have a platform / God, I ask, what's my passion for this craft for?