Nothing But My Savior


J. Kim told me, "It's a long way," so I'm trying to walk the straight and narrow / and arrows / pointing me away, but the Heir rose / so I know my soul is kept / even though I'm so distressed / though I tend to rest in my would's (woods) like a birds nest / I'm purchased / in spite of my inadequacies / adamantly at it attacking them, I'm Adam and Eve / and how can it be? / even so, he thought it fit to clothe me / in his Son's obedience / through bleeding he could see me holy? / this is the reason why I live and die / and spit these rhymes / the reason why I'm Kaptivated's 'cause I'm hid in Christ! / but I'm hearing all their insults being thrown in the air - can't / hold on to derailing (the railing) like I'm walking up a staircase / true faith is desperate for Christ - see Luke 5 / 17 to 26 / in my new life / my thoughts are on track like a waveform / living by faith, and not in nothing but my Savior / the great LORD