After several seasons, I'm still spittin' sixteens / seeing souls seldom see a savorous Savior it seems / individuals idle and idolizing images / imitating insolence and insisting we innocent / isn't it in excess? We express our expletives / extremely explicit, we're exiting excellence / to tell the total truth, we totally tainted and torn too / took the true Teacher to the tree and to the tomb too / even excluding everybody from every error / but Elohim, eminence-emptied, ended the enemy's evil when he entered / oh yes sir, now no one nefarious can not know new nights / there's no one the Nazerene's name can not naturalize / so I express these emotions even now / so individuals examine the eternal Elohim's nature / so you gon' either see this or you gonna say you can't see / both John 3:16 and the three sixteens