For Anthony


I've known you for the longest time / I've seen you cry, and I've seen you grow / these past 2 years we've changed together / rejoiced and went through pain together / couldn't pray for a better / man to bring me through my pain and loss / my deepest need's the Gospel, and every moment you point to the cross / yeah, that's what you do, you a true man, one of the few that's left / and I'm well aware your reputation lately isn't the best / some would call you a hypocrite, but the Lord has seen your repentance / your penitence / and I - I can testify you're a blessing / and not because you're perfect, but because you cling to Christ / and you hate the sin that entangles you, and so you gotta bring it to light / and you fight / in the Scriptures / on that Romans 8:13 / in the army, home, or church you always labor faithfully / and yes, I know very well--you're not gonna want me to sing your praises / but I'm just thankful that the Father's shown you grace, so / let's keep pressing on in our faith and keep on living out this life / knowing that the faithful unto their deaths are gonna receive the crown of life