"Grateful" is a reflection on how easy it is to be ungrateful and focus on what God's withheld rather than what he's given.


Man, look at all I have! Well, actually / I'd rather be / looking at the things / that I haven't been given / a platform that's biggest / a major that's interesting, (but nah) / I gotta be grateful / gotta be thankful / man, there's people out there struggling for a job / what am I doing when I be complaining? / man it's crazy / it's crazy / I may not be reaching the thousands / but dozens are hearing the truth through my music and that's what it should be about, man / what I'm saying's / that when it comes to gifts, we can't just pick and choose / I got a family and a woman I'm committed to / and most of all I got Jehovah Jirah / when the only thing I earned was to be thrown in the fire / yeah that's right, bruh / I'm Kaptivated, can't forget what captivated, nah / that's the reason why I gotta be grateful / gotta be thankful