I’ve always heard / living in a fallen world is hard / but I never really knew what that meant until I saw the scars / on the hearts / of the people in despair / lonely and groaning, and ain’t nobody cares / from the people who are desperate for community / depressed and even losing sleep / stressed from the pressure to get into the school to please / parents who relentlessly press for they kids to be better off than they were / to the souls going wayward / they know they falling face-first / the pain hurts / but they’re way too ashamed to be praying a prayer / the stained shirt / is a testament / that cutting is their medicine / and lusting is a rest for them / and drugs’ll leave them emptiest / and, we believers--we just focused on ourselves / and it breaks my heart, how are we so selfish? / we just doing what’s the easiest / when did God’s people only serve based on what’s the most convenient? / it’s heartbreaking


So come on, we gotta stand up and stop putting self first / yeah, it isn’t easy, but we lean on the Helper / see--that’s the problem--we forget our first love / we forget what Jesus had to suffer on the cross and for what / but this didn’t happen overnight / it was week after week letting what the world says override / what the Word has organized / your desires / start getting more aligned / with foreign lies / our priorities are like / Satan’s / and they wonder why I’m grieving? / they wonder why I take it so serious and plead with them? / the day he has these kids committing suicide / is the same day the devil will have compromised you and I / we’ve been shown the only comfort in this life / and that is Jesus Christ / and that’s so with the same comfort we can comfort lives / like the kinds I described / get your mind off these lies / and your mind up on Christ / it’s time for us to rise up / I’m tired of hearing people saying that they don’t got time / to get up in the Scriptures or pray--that’s a lie / see, they got time to study but no time for the Word? / they got time for these girls but no time for the Church? / yo, it’s heartbreaking


Now I don't want to be a hypocrite / haughty and bigoted / I gotta admit that / this is not just for you listening / I am not perfect / no, I'm not perfect / I have wronged people / thought evil thoughts / cost people lots / probably was the awfull-est of them all / but I could change by the Gospel of God / see, when I say I didn't care, believe me / I didn't wanna help the needy and grieving / but even for the ones who don't like loving people / isn't there forgiveness at the Cross? / you can come and be forgiven of your faults / forgiven of your flaws / he took all of your punishment, he did it at the cross / there is no greater love, yo he laid his life down / now we can lay our lives down / even when it might sound / crazy / yo he saved me / so how can I not do the very same thing? / how can I not show love when I’ve been shown love? / how can I be selfish when this life is not my own, bruh? / see, when you realize what Jesus did it’s / possible to die to yourself, even when it’s heartbreaking