They say, "The moment that you're born–thats the moment you start dying" / yeah, what's killing you is time / what's killing you is time / yeah, timeless–they think they timeless / but, if they were honest / every second and minute that passes is getting them closer to lay in the coffin and they have forgotten / they don't know how much they got / time could come and cut you off / you could not wake up tomorrow / yeah / get used to it–it's true for you and I / we emit a backwards view of time–get it? / you gotta stop wasting your time / the things that you do in this life / affect what you do after death / and every second you spend is a second you never get back / so take a step back / is that game really worth it? / that sin really worth it? / you won't get no reimbursement / oh no / that clock’s gon' tick tock with or without you / so look, time is a gift from God, let's use it to live and announce truth / it isn't about you / use time less for the lifeless / and before we’re time-less let’s use time for the Timeless—One