Is It Worth It?


Yo, it’s harder to be honest than I thought it would be / often what you see is a cropped and flawless drawing, nah, that’s not me / I put up a beautiful wall, and call it the real me / I act like I’m cleaner than y’all, when really I’m guilty / I'm filthy, willing, to put up a front to impress / confessing only the sins that others confess / and cover the rest / I cover the rest / why? / it’s pride / I’m hiding behind these lies / no, hiding myself from life / going to church, and / not showing my worst sins / or burdens / I'm in the crowd, but alone / I could make a sound, but I won’t / I don’t wanna make it 'bout my own soul / no, ‘cause then I gotta humble myself / and run to his help / and all that stuff that I ain’t tryna do right now, I’m just gonna cover my filth / I gotta be honest / no, I gotta fight to be honest / to go to the cross with all this / gotta drop my pride and call him / and his church, yeah / gotta stop hiding my hurting / gotta be willing to be disgraced, the price of life is high, is it worth it?