Is it necessary? / what you talking bout? Man, this is music—it's in my bones! Yes, it's very / the carrier of cherished moments / every note and every vocal blaring through the stereo is how I carry on / it's like that—that's right, it's like that / not so much a sidetrack / more like a life jacket / the instrumental makes me sentimental / makes me live a little or / give a little more / minutes to the more / important things in life and slow down / from jazz, hip hop, and pop to the soul sound / oh wow, how I could spend hours and hours and keep on / these sounds ain't just sounds to me, and these songs / I wouldn't have known that I / could get in my zone just by / putting them on / every minute I listen is visibly making a difference it’s good to my soul, right? / it’s a part of me / and when this life is darkening / it’s how I know it’s alright


Feel the bass beat in my bones / feel it in my heart and soul / got me feeling so / incredible


Yeah, that’s right, I feel incredible / when the bass bang and the strings ring, I'm finna let them know / when I got no peace, pieces got me laid back / when I’m off track, I go back to the same tracks / ‘cause when I can’t see, I can hear it / and when I got no words, yo I still got those lyrics / when I’m feeling like I can’t, I put my cans on / and under pressure, oh you know it helps me stand strong / and on and on and on / too many reasons these beats are giving to me relief when / life's defeating / grieving's getting to be easy / I could play music, or I could play music / either way it gets to me and gets the pain moving / right – right? ride with me, vibe with me / write – write lines with me, grind with me / I thank God it’s one of the things I got to survive / it’s changing my life, yo nothing can replace the feeling when I—