Nothing I Can't Do (Remix)


Yeah, it’s Kaptivated on the mic / yeah, I rap to raise him up / accolades or none / I'll be adamant and never be ashamed, I can make that oath like an affidavit, uh / that’s right, that’s right, you should know what I’m about by now / a thousand miles an hour’s / how I’m wilding out / when I spit it with a feeling quicker than amphetamine I leave the crowd like, "How?" / sometimes that’s how I like to do this thing / but God gave the grant, like Ulysses / so it ain’t me, no it ain’t me, saying that it’s me’s the quickest way to make a fool of me / so I fall on him like a domino / making sure the Word is read (red) and processed like Hot Cheetos / amigo, this is the finale, let’s see / 16th Sixteen number 16 / yeah, they thought it wouldn’t work, but I’ve been through much worse than this / and worse hurt than this / it makes perfect sense / ‘cause the hurt made me swerve to his Word in adversity / so I lean on Jesus / who can say to the waves, “Stay tranquil” / listen, when I’m resting in him, ain’t a single situation that I'm gonna face that I can’t do