The Season's Changing


16th Sixteen–gotta start it off right / can't believe it's already been a year / often I think it's weird / God must've interfered / it's not cause I'm strong that applause in this sinner's ear / hasn't really made me fall off / it’s actually made me want God / and that’s all God / and that’s not me / this year’s been crazy, nah mean? / I mean, I’ve been through a lot / my Father is shaping me, making me more like his Son / performing at Kollaboration opened the door for so many more that I’ve done / and now the place I stand is so far from the place I was / I’m in a new season, now / getting ideas out / I’m eager bout it / now I’m tryna make the most of this timing / yeah, I’m putting all these old things from this past season behind me / and that means, the last 16th Sixteen's gonna be in August / yeah, I’m moving on - I’m moving on - finna work on a full-length project / so watch out, don’t sleep - thanks to every one who has backed this / that Sam Ock contest, really, y’all don’t even know how much that meant / and I’m finna give back to y’all—Kaptivated bout to get reinstated, homie / y'all better keep up, because the season’s changing / homie